Product Care

 Protect Your Harris Jewelry Purchase


Your Harris Jewelry purchase will remain brilliant and beautiful for years to come with proper handling, care and cleaning. Maintain the beauty of your jewelry and protect any underlying warranty by following these easy guidelines.1



  • Jewelry should be removed when playing sports, swimming, gardening, sleeping, cleaning your home and car or other common tasks.
  • Limit your exposure to common chemicals such as chlorine, bleach, rubbing alcohol, antibacterial soaps, hand sanitizers and creams, hair care products and perfumes/colognes as they can harm and break down the brilliance of precious metals and gems.
  • We recommend removing and placing your ring in a safe area while cooking, baking or washing dishes.
  • Remove your jewelry before showering and/or at bedtime to avoid exposure to soaps and possible snagging while sleeping.
  • Wipe clean after each wearing using only a jewelry cleaning cloth.
  • To prevent scratching, keep gems and other pieces of jewelry from touching each other by storing them in a clean, dry place, in a lined case or soft cloth. Your jewelry should be the last item to put on when getting dressed and styling hair.
Image of Miscellaneous Jewelry Items

Important Facts About White Gold

Gold in its natural state is yellow, not white. Alloys are added to give yellow gold a whitish tint, and then it is Rhodium plated. Rhodium is a platinum group metal used to enhance the white color of white gold (and silver) jewelry.

Over time, normal wear and tear will cause the Rhodium to wear off and lose its luster. Common chemicals (noted under General Care) can further harm and accelerate the breakdown of the Rhodium plating. Remember to wipe your jewelry clean after each wearing using only a jewelry cleaning cloth.

Important Facts About Rose Gold

Rose gold is a striking metal alloy of gold mixed with copper to create a delightful rosy red tint in the finish. This can also be referred to as “pink” or “red” gold. Yellow and rose gold take the same level of care. 

Important Facts About Chains and Bracelets

Chains come in various styles and metals. Keep in mind a solid chain is a better choice when adding a heavy cross or pendant to your chain.

Common chemicals can attack and dissolve the metal. More delicate parts, such as connecting rings in chains and bracelets, may come undone from this damage. (See list of Common Chemicals under General Care)

Remember to wipe clean after each wearing using a jewelry cleaning cloth.