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CREDIT 101: What every borrower should know

Your Credit Rating is earned by YOU!

Harris Jewelry (or any other company) does not give you a credit rating. Your payment habits (on-time vs. late), the number of accounts you open or apply to, and many other factors influence your credit score. With any type of credit (whether a bank, retailer or other provider) always make your payments on time. MISSED PAYMENTS may stay in your file for up to 7 YEARS!

Good Credit* can Help YOU!

Your credit rating will affect every major purchase you make throughout your life. In today’s world, it could even affect your ability to get certain jobs. ‘Poor’ or ‘No Credit’ can force you to pay much more in interest than other people with ‘Good’ Credit pay. Worse, you may not get approved for that major purchase you need - like replacing a major appliance or a car that cannot be repaired.

*Harris Jewelry does not promise or guarantee that the Harris Program will improve your credit or cause you to obtain a future loan that has more favorable interest rates or other loan terms that could result from having improved credit.